Artist Statement

Series title: “Illusion Fusion”

My objective is to challenge the viewer’s senses to look beyond the editorial subject matter of
the image and get visually and emotionally involved in these curiously compelling and unique digital fine art images. Each piece has a story behind it and reveals different stories through
the viewer’s own individual introspection of feelings, thoughts and motivations.

What it is…
These fine art prints are a subtle blending of semi-transparent color, form, texture and details
of the lost splendor of our sprawling urban environment. These backgrounds are combined with the abstract beauty of natural and artificial objects that surround us, but are rarely noticed. The objects by themselves usually remain anonymous, getting lost in the cluttered landscape or in the sensory overload we often experience around us. It is this forgotten visual layer of life that
I seek out and bring to the forefront of my work.

How is it done…
Just as we have seen the fusion of different cuisines in restaurants, the digital darkroom has allowed the fusion of captivating subjects with abstract fine art techniques. By combining two or more unrelated images, I am able to experiment freely, uninhibited by conventional expectations of what the recorded image should be. In this way I am able to create a unique fine art mood with this imagery using the abstract fusion of the subject’s light and visual depth that is almost hypnotic as it draws you into the reality that, with closer inspection, is really illusion.

Please enjoy this unique visual experience!
Chuck Brittenham